(Exact dates will be included once further research is undertaken.)

The house was built on a bush block in approximately 1953 for a Mr and Mrs Christie.

For many years from the mid 1950s it was the home of Ronald (known as Stock) Stockwell, a Unilever executive, and his family. A keen gardener, he was also an expert handyman and carefully maintained the property. Stockwell died in 2007. Mosman Council approved demolition of the house and erection of a new one in the same year.

The house included an internal staircase and a laundry and a workshop in the basement. Downstairs there were a kitchen, dining room, living room, study, hallway and toilet. Upstairs were a hallway, three bedrooms, a bathroom and a sun room. The section of the garden overlooking the harbour was often used for barbecues. Rooms on the harbour side had superb views. The design was quite typical of residences erected in affluent Australian suburbs during the 1950s. The house was easily seen from the street, unlike the one that replaced it, which was mostly well hidden except for its large garage.


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(Pam Lofthouse, 2007)

32 Iluka

(David Carment, 2015)

David Carment